In Preparation for your Nutritional Medicine consult with Dr. Natasja Fox (D.O.M)

Please send in any pathology results you have that have been performed in the last year, please do not send in anything older. You can take photos of your pathology and attach to an email.

Please also take photos of the current medication or supplements you are taking, taking photos of the front and back of the containers or pillboxes. Please send to at least 24 hours before consultation time.

To gain the most benefit from your Nutritional consult please bring a notepad and pen to each session.Unlike a visit to your GP, who may see you for 5 minutes and give you 2 -3 clear instructions; during a visit with Dr. Natasja Fox you will be learning a lot of new things about your own health. You will get a lot of information during your consult, and it is your responsibility to keep your own notes. Feel free to voice record the consultation if you wish.

Please do not send health related queries via email, they can not be responded to.

If you have any questions in the days or weeks following a consult, please book a 20 Minute Telehealth consult to address these queries, or address them in your next coming consultation.

After your first hour and half Initial consult, please rebook your next session for an hour.