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Adrenal and Stress Disorders – Understanding and Resolving Hormonal Imbalance Due To Stress



  • Understand how stress affects the adrenal glands and endocrine system
  • How to recognise the signs of hormonal imbalance
  • Identify active and passive stress
  • How to prevent, manage and treat hormonal imbalance

Fatigue, poor stress handling, emotional, weight gain, depression, anxiety, dizziness, hot flushes, night sweats, period pain, heavy periods, PMS are just some of the symptoms reflecting your adrenals and hormones are out of balance.

In this daylong seminar, you will learn about the biochemical happenings of the stress response and the insights, from a clinician who works with hormonal health, on how to prevent and treat hormonal imbalance.

To identify active and passive stress. Understand the mechanisms of passive stress and how to avoid it.

Learn how to manage your hormonal imbalance from an expert. Live longer, have no menopause symptoms, reduce aches and pains, boost your metabolism, have more energy, focus and vitality, increased libido and better sleep.

Learnings Include:

✔ Anatomy of adrenal glands and a deeper look at the hormones involved
✔ Circadian Rhythm
✔ The Fight and Flight Response
✔ How hormones are made and react with one another
✔ Forms of stress/Active/ Passive/Oxidative
✔ Stages of adrenal fatigue


✔ Identify the signs and symptoms
✔ Adrenalin Junkies and Drama Queens
✔ Hormones and Youthfulness
✔ Hormones and their relationship to: the immune system, Digestive System, Mood, Libido, fertility, metabolism and thyroid gland
✔ Rebalancing the adrenals and hormones with natural treatment strategies

“A fabulous workshop, packed with relevant information backed by research and evidence – enlightening and empowering! Natasja is incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining and provides a thorough and realistic overview of each subject before exploring in detail. The session reinforces how much of your health and well-being is in your hands and can be shaped by your attitude, behaviours, approach and overall stress management. Plus outlines recognising when to seek support/assistance in achieving optimum health. A must for all women!” – Filis G

Women’s Hormonal Health – Sex Hormone Balancing for Women of all Ages


✔ How sex hormones work
✔ Understanding menstruation and menopause
✔ Identify signs of Imbalance and pin point the culprit hormone
✔ Identify common causes of imbalance
✔ Learn how to make better lifestyle choices
✔ How to get your organs to work for you not against you
✔ Know what remedies to apply

In this seminar, you will learn about:

✔ The role of sex hormones and how they work
✔ Understanding the hormonal mechanisms of the menstrual cycle, peri-menopause and menopause.
✔ Signs and symptoms of sex hormonal imbalance and identifying which hormone is the culprit to your symptoms.
✔ Looking at common causes of imbalanced hormones. Lifestyle and dietary choices you can make now to reduce your chances of imbalance. The organs and glands involved in rebalancing hormones and how to work with them.
✔ Specific vital nutrients and herbs used for the treatment of sex hormones.

Learnings Include:

✔ Hormones and Glands
✔ Hormonal relationship to cognition, mood, metabolism, libido
✔ Signs and Symptoms of excess and deficient hormones
✔ Relationship between hormones effecting the brain and mood
✔ In depth look into sex hormones – breaking it down
✔ Common impacts on the system and how to break the cycle


✔ Mechanisms behind the menstrual cycle – Normal and Abnormal
✔ Fertility and Body Base Temperature Tracking – Natural Fertility Management
✔ In depth look into the signs and symptoms and the hormonal culprit
✔ Metabolic pathways and how to work with them
✔ Natural treatment

Understanding Your Digestive System – A clinicians Insight


✔ How your Organs work
✔ How your digestive system can become dysfunctional
✔ Identifying food allergies and intolerances – are you suffering?
✔ Identifying signs or bacterial imbalance in the gut
✔ The link between digestion, mood, inflammation, Immunity, Auto-Immunity, and metabolism
✔ Intestinal disorders and disease – treatment methods
✔ Habits and foods that can negatively impact the function of the gut
✔ Natural treatmentsAs a complex and delicate system, it’s easy to be off the mark when trying to fix digestive complaints. There is a lot of misinformation about the gut so learn from a clinician with 15 years’ experience working with digestive disorders. 

This seminar will break down the organs involved in digestion and absorption, their function and how they can develop pathology.

Learn about food sensitivities – How to discover which foods are causing your issues and why, and individualized approach to treatment.

✔ Bacterial overgrowth in the intestines, the signs, and symptoms.
✔ The link between digestive health, mood, inflammation, the immune system, and autoimmunity.
✔ Intestinal permeability – what is it, how it occurs and how to fix.
✔ The Gut biome – What effects gut bacteria
✔ Things to avoid when building a strong digestive system.
✔ A look at remedies – antimicrobials, digestive enzymes, herbal medicine, and other digestive aids.
✔ Don’t put up with bloating, fatigue, loose bowels, constipation or pain any longer.

Learnings Include:

✔ The organs involved and how they work
✔ The gut brain connection
✔ The gut and neurotransmitters
✔ Signs and symptoms of gut dysfunction and where this could be coming from
✔ Food sensitivities – How to identify them
✔ Common foods to avoid and how to prepare foods to reduce negative impact


✔ Bacteria, the biome, infection and probiotics
✔ Intestinal problems and permeability
✔ Leaky gut – what is it how to treat it
✔ Common culprits driving dysfunction
✔ Yoga poses that benefit digestion
✔ Diet and lifestyle changes to improve and treat digestive complaints and disease

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