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Welcome to the Natasja Fox TeleHealth Clinic

Finding out what’s right for your health today can be confusing amongst unsolicited blogs, fad diets and mass marketed so-called ‘healthy’ foods. You could be left despondent and disoriented by what you read and hear. Despite trying everything you don’t get any closer to alleviating your symptoms. You may find yourself unable to find what’s right for your unique biochemistry. Unable to find correct guidance, you may fall back into an unhealthy diet or lifestyle choices.

― Natasja Fox is a holistic therapist who helps and guides people. Natasja has been in the health industry since 1999 and has studied a multitude of health modalities since then. Her main focus is educating her clients to discover and understand the root cause driving their symptoms, whether they be emotional, lifestyle-related, biochemical, genetic or dietary, and delivering a treatment plan people can manage and carry out to resolve their complaint.

― Natasja will explain your pathology results, educating you on what she believes is at the root cause of your symptoms. She will discuss this with you verbally and use diagrams she can show you on screen.

― Natasja is able to untangle the most seemingly complex cases using a foundation of Traditional Chinese medicine and overlaying it with functional and nutritional medicine whilst utilising pathology, either run via your GP, or via molecular pathology, to get to the bottom of symptomatic complaints.

― Natasja treats ailments like a puzzle that need to be unravelled and explained in terms anyone can understand. Your


A 90 minute INITIAL Consult

A 60 minute and 2 x 30 minute consultations.

Within this program you will receive:

1) Comprehensive emails with dietary and supplement instructions

2) A treatment plan

3) A symptoms diary outline

4) Helpful resources to help you resolve your symptoms

Using nutraceuticals, lifestyle advice, diet, herbal medicine, and humour, Dr. Fox regularly helps those suffering from:

Gastrointestinal issues

Period pain



If you have the above, Natasja also works with:

Stress disorders

Skin conditions



Low-grade depression


Absent periods


Perimenopause & Menopause

Thyroid Conditions

Metabolic Conditions and Weight loss


What I Love To Work With

Auto Immune

Fatigue Burnout

Digestive Disorders

Thyroid Issues

Hormonal Complaints

Immune Dysfunction

Weight Loss

Mood Disorder

Undiagnosed Conditions

E-Book – Reversing The Tired Spiral

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