Online Booking

How To Choose Which Consultation Is Right For You 


 If your a new patient please book in for either a :

10 Minute Free Chat


– An Initial Consult under the Nutritional Consulting tab.


After your Initial Consult, please rebook your next session for a

60/70 Minute session


All sessions have two times attached to them.

The first time is the chat time, the second time is the time given to write up your treatment plan and email.

For example a 60/70 Minute consultation – Is 60 minutes of chat time with an extra 10 minutes for me to work on your treatment. This means it’s a total of a 70 minute consult. 

If your email takes longer than 10 minutes, then you will be charged an extra $10 for a lengthy  comprehensive email.


After your first two sessions you can book in for either:
1.) 20/30 Minute Q & A to address any queries about your existing plan or advise.

2.) 30/40 Minutes if it has been longer than 5 weeks since your last appointment and the treatment course may need to be adjusted.

3.) 45/55 Minutes if we are addressing any new pathology results, or it has been longer than 8 weeks between appointments.

If we go under time, you will only be charged for the length of a shorter consultation.

Thank you

For patients making a booking who are outside of Australia, this link is useful for making sure your booking the right time –

Your appointment reminder will display Eastern Standard Australia Time (Melbourne/Sydney Time), not the time of the country you are in, so please double check you have the right time upon booking.
Thank you